What is the amethyst?

Amethyst is a variety of quartz, characterized by the presence of purple hues. It often forms in correspondence with subalkaline basaltic rocks. Known to man from 3,000 BC, this crystal was extracted and revered in Egypt, South Africa and Mesopotamia. Today it is one of the most used gems to create seals, carvings and of course jewels. The amethyst name derives from the Greek améthystos which means "not drunk", the etymology that gave birth to one of the most fascinating myths in history.

The myth of Bacchus and Amethyst

Among the many myths of Greek history there is also one that surrounds the amethyst. In fact, this was also the name of a wood nymph. Bacchus, god of wine, fell in love with the girl, who had to ask for the help of the forest goddess, Diana. To protect it, he transformed the nymph into a very clear crystal. Then Bacchus, enraged by the trap, threw his cup full of wine against the stone. From here, it is said, the violet color was born. For the same reason, since ancient times it is believed that the amethyst protects the wearer from the intoxicating powers of the drink dear to Bacchus.

In Roman times, the amethyst was used to create goblets that the Roman patricians used during the dinners. Tradition had it that every time the landlord drew the cup to his lips, the guests had to drink. The color of the crystal helped to make everyone believe that even the guest was drinking wine. Instead, while others abandoned themselves to the effects of alcohol, the landlord deceived everyone by drinking water, "transformed" into a wine with an amethyst color.


Amethyst in crystal therapy

According to crystal therapy, the amethyst takes nightmares away and strengthens the ability to dream, stimulates an increase in self-esteem, strengthens the will, memory and self-control. This crystal would also be able to cure and dissolve nerve headaches and eye disorders.

Amethyst is a stone deeply linked to balance. It is a symbol of weighted choices, which require time and care and balance. Being close to it means reminding oneself of the importance of this component necessary for a profitable life.


The jewels

Pomellato enhances the amethyst and its properties with two jewels of the Stro di Fulmine line. Pomellato Lightning Earrings are surrounded by two soft and thin stones, with an irregular oval cut with flat roses, with a 0.22-carat diamond circle. These drops of transparent color can contribute to give the wearer's face a feeling of well-being linked to the anti-stress power of these stones (Price: 4,200 euros VAT included).

Complete the earrings with the Pomellato Colpo di Fulmine ring with amethyst and ruby. The stones that surround the crystal change, but not the function: to enhance the transparency and the relaxing color of the amethyst.

The stone is proposed with an oval cut and its color is in contrast with the burnished gold, on which it is mounted. Around the amethyst, a round of 0.22 carats rubies (Price: 2.000 euros including VAT).

The equilibrium given by the amethyst to the wearer is expressed to perfection of the essential lines of the Pomellato bracelet "he loves me, he loves me not".  A curve of rose gold with 4.87 grams of weight, completed by a cabochon cut amethyst, is a royal and elegant accessory (Price: € 1,400 VAT included).


In the Nudo line of Pomellato, the company focuses on the purity and color of its stones. The Pomellato Nudo Absolute ring with Amethyst enhances the exceptional size of the stone chosen for this jewel, mounted in rose gold with a white gold setting.

Amethyst is related to the sixth chakra, says crystal therapy, so it works on the nervous system, calming the anxiety but also the headache from fatigue. The multifaceted stone chosen by Pomellato has the dimensions to work best on this physical and emotional sphere (Price: 4,700 euros VAT included).

For those who make important decisions daily, the amethyst can be the right stone to keep always close so that all the important choices have the characteristic symbol of the stone: the balance. This is why Montblanc chose this crystal to complete his Montblanc Muses Ingrid Bergman Fountain La Donna Special Edition, a pen designed to celebrate the beauty of women. For this, it had to be embellished with a special gem like the amethyst.

As we now know, this stone symbolizes calm, clarity and tolerance, all qualities for which Bergman was known and loved all over the world. Along with the stone, there are other details that contribute to embellish this work tool, like the mother of pearl of the hood. The design was conceived to celebrate the sensuality of the actress of "Casablanca". All these ingredients, fused in a precious and unique work object, cannot miss in the life of a woman (Price: 830 euros VAT included).