The story of Chantecler

Its history begins in one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Capri, and the favorite destination of the stars of the show during the years of the Dolce Vita. The shadows of war vanished, what everyone dreamed of was an endless party. The summers of Capri seemed to be able to give that illusion.

The Chantecler project was born in 1947 from the friendship between Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea. This name was the nickname given to Capuano given that, like all the visitors of Capri in their Fifties, he used to party until the first cock crow.

A man with a disruptive and extravagant personality, he was the dandy of a noble family of Neapolitan jewellers. People discussed of his parties for months, even miles away. Instead, Salvatore Aprea embraced the muse of the goldsmith's art after finishing his studies in law. His creative mind gave life to jewels of extraordinary beauty.

Today, it's Aprea's children who took the lead of the company. Maria Elena, Costanza, and Gabriele with his wife Teresa have collected the inheritance of their father and have cultivated it with great foresight, expanding the brand of the house around the world. From the first boutique in Capri, opened in 1947, the Chantecler brand is present in Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.


Celebrities loyal to the brand

Over the years, the glamor that covers Chantecler's history has attracted celebrities from all over the world. There was no diva that, having disembarked on Capri, did not make a point in the jewelry store. From Jackie Onassis to Audrey Hepburn, from Ingrid Bergman to Maria Callas, through Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor: all have loved and possessed Chantecler's sophisticated and wonderful jewels.


Chantecler's jewels

The elements behind the creativity that gives life to jewelry like the Chantecler Necklace with mini sequins pendant in rose gold and black enamel (Price: € 1,900 including VAT), is the culture of beauty that only Capri, with its nature, can boast . It is precisely from the landscape, its colors and its smells that the creative process of the company is born.

The centrality of the place that gave birth to the two creators of the company is always present even in the structure of its creations. An example is Chantecler clip earrings in yellow and white gold with diamonds on which, in addition to the very famous cock, the name of the brand and the word "Capri" is also legible (Price: € 3,150 including VAT).

The exuberance of the island is expressed in jewels like the soft Chantecler ring in rose gold, diamonds and morganite, a mobile band that illuminates the wearer's hand thanks to its light and almost excessive shapes (Price: € 3,800 VAT included).

All the collections created by Chantecler embody the Pure Spirit of Capri, a synthesis between history, nature and beauty, the long life elixir that the stars of the whole world were struggling to capture during the evening in the square.

Following the inspiration of the creators of the Maison, the Chantecler jewels embody the joy of living, an approach to carefree life that gives meaning to the days, and the joy of being together, but at the same time puts the wearer of the creations of the Maison in contact with his most intimate part. Synonymous with authenticity, the luxury embodied by Chantecler's precious stones is made to remain, reminding the wearer that playing is the first commandment of those who want to live forever.