As a dolphin swims in a group, even the little Christians who receive for the first time the consecrated host join a new group of people who "swim" in the same spiritual direction. Perfect for girls and boys, the Dodo Petit Delfin Choker in rose gold is one of the most elegant solutions suitable for little believers. (Price: 101.50 euros VAT included).

The First Communion is therefore a path that for most believers seems almost a flight. For this reason, Dodo lovers can choose to give for this event the Swallow Dodo in yellow gold and black diamonds. While gold seals the immense value of this encounter with Jesus, black diamonds underline the rarity and importance of faith in life. (Price: 650 euros VAT included).

Staying on the theme of precious stones, the perfect gift for a girl who celebrates her First Communion is the Marco Gerbella bracelet with a heart-shaped pendant in white gold and sapphires. Here the metal, even rarer than yellow gold, is the background of small blue sapphires, mounted on a suede cord. (Price: 360 euros VAT included). Also available in rose gold and diamonds (Price: 465 euros VAT included).

The symbol par excellence associated with the First Communion from the Catholic rite is that of the lamb. "This is the Lamb of God", a metaphor of Christ's sacrifice for humanity. Therefore, giving the small Angello Dodo pendant in yellow gold is a way to carve the encounter between Jesus and the children forever with the noble metal par excellence. (Price: 101.50 euros VAT included).

The lovers of the Dodo galaxy know well that the messages that can be composed with all the symbols of the various lines of jewels, are infinite. Last but not least, the perfect gift for First Communion, both for a girl and a boy, is also the first letter of the name, which can be inserted as a pendant in a necklace or bracelet. Among the many that you can choose from is the letter G Dodo large rose gold. (Price: 130 euros VAT included)

For the little "lovers" of Jesus, on the day of First Communion it is possible to consider a gift that, even in adulthood, can still be present. The brand Marco Gerbella dedicates to the heart a pair of earrings in rose gold and red enamel (Price: 190 euros VAT included), which it is also possible to combine with a necklace (Price: 330 euros VAT included) and a ring (Price: 205 euros VAT included).