What is the diamond?

Diamond is one of the many forms in which carbon can occur. In this case the precious stone is constituted by a crystalline lattice of carbon atoms arranged according to a tetrahedral structure. The term diamond derives from the Greek adamas, which means "invincible".

The evolution of language brought the technical term to become adamant, demant and, finally, in diamond.The Arabs called it almas, while the Hindus called it a "fragment of eternity". In his travel diaries, Marco Polo reported the diamonds of Mutfili, today's Masulipatam (city of north-eastern India): here the gem was usually found outside the rock that had produced it. In fact, it is thought that diamonds were initially recognized and extracted in India, along the Krishna and Godavari rivers.


Curiosities about diamonds

While the Northern legends tell that the diamond was created by the God of the Mines, pulverizing all the other stones and merging them together, in ancient Greece it was thought that this was what Jupiter gave in reward to his heroes, in exchange for a service .

In the Middle Ages, an ancient belief recounted that taking a diamond gold ring and bringing it nine days and nine nights on the heart, in contact with the skin, guaranteed the unconditional love of the man or woman of their dreams. On the ninth day, at dawn, it was necessary to engrave the word Scheva into the metal and to tie three of one's beloved's hair to three, reciting "O body may you love me and your purpose succeed with the same ardor of mine by virtue of Scheva ". Once tied the hair, it was wrapped all in a piece of silk, carrying it hanging on the neck for another six days. On the seventh day, having freed the jewelry from hair and fabrics, it was to be offered as a gift to the loved one.


The diamond in crystal therapy

In India, the diamond is used as a therapeutic and magical tool. It was pulverized to sprinkle the newborns and wish them protection and fortune. Even today it is the symbol stone of India. Crystal therapy takes the diamond very seriously. Its greatest sphere of action is on the brain and the nervous system. Consequently its proximity to our body has a beneficial effect on all psychosomatic illnesses.

It is an excellent deterrent to fear and, as the stars and women who love to buy for themselves know well, they are an excellent cure for overcoming depression and failures. The diamond is also a facilitator of learning and helps human beings to strengthen their decision-making capacity, helping to create greater mental clarity.


The beauty of the diamond in a jewel

The diamond has always symbolized the truth that skips any rule. For this reason, it is the perfect stone to express to your beloved woman the true, unbreakable strength of the promise of love that goes together with a marriage proposal or even just a romantic declaration. The most precious jewel for this kind of occasions is, of course, the ring. Solitary or Trilogy, the diamond set on a circle of gold, white, yellow, or pink is a guarantee of emotion and joy in the one who will receive it.

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