The History of DoDo Earrings

DoDo jewelry was first established in 1994. However, it was founded by Pino Rabolini, who also founded the Pomellato jewelry range in 1967. He dedicated this range to persuading women that jewelry was more than just one-off pieces for special occasions. Rabolini saw jewelry as an extension of clothing and personal style. In short, it could be changed as often as the clothes were.

This was a revolutionary concept in its day. Fast forward nearly 30 years and he saw the need for affordable jewelry for the younger generation.

Affordable doesn’t need to mean poor quality. The concept behind DoDo Earrings and jewelry is to create unique pieces of art that are sustainably sourced and unique, while still using precious stones and metal.

What Makes DoDo Earrings Special

Earrings are plentiful, especially when costume jewelry is included in the equation. One thing all costume jewelry has in common is that it’s not made to last. That’s one of the biggest differences when considering DoDo Earrings. They have the color and individuality of costume jewelry but the longevity of traditional, high-end jewelry.

However, it’s not their durability that really makes them special. Just as Rabolini first envisioned, the appeal is in their ability to suit any occasion. It’s across the whole jewelry range but DoDo Earrings are a great example of this appeal. Take the standard small circle earring, available in rose gold. It’s perfectly designed to slide through your ear with a small loop to hang any pendant or charm.

One earring combines perfectly with a collection of charms, ranging from an animal to a number, or even a significant letter. Each charm can be created in gold, silver, or an array of precious stones. It’s the perfect solution to affordable but high-quality jewelry.

Simple studs, drop earrings, and dangling beauties are all available in the DoDo earring range. It’s the color, and attention to detail, that really make these pieces of jewelry special and warrant purchasing.

Purchasing DoDo Earrings

DoDo Earrings are defined as Italian craftsmanship, that’s a title only given by the Italian government and indicates the quality of the piece. It takes dedication and skill to achieve this standard and those qualities must be constantly maintained.

Purchasing the genuine article requires visiting a business that has been in existence for longer than DoDo Earrings or Pomellato jewelry, Blondi Gioielli. The firm first started trading in 1897 and has remained in the family to this day. It is currently run by sixth and seventh generations of the family. They are as dedicated to providing the best quality pieces of jewelry and service as their ancestor was all those years ago.

After 80 years of existence the business joined the sector of precious items, this was the start of their expansion period and their involvement with the finest range of pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones.

It’s this mark of quality that encourages consumer loyalty and satisfaction. Any approved dealer can sell DoDo Earrings but only those that really care about their customers can ensure the right purchase is made every time.

Blondi Gioielli is dedicated to being the market leader and it’s a role they fill very well. Anyone seeking to purchase DoDo Earrings or a host of other jewelry made with precious metals and stones should visit