But, it is also worth taking a moment to consider the quality of the jewelry. Statista estimates the global industry will be worth 480 billion U.S. Dollars by 2025. That provides an indication of the range of choices available on the market today.

Costume jewelry is designed to be cheap, usually colorful, and last a short period of time.

In contrast, top-end designers will provide high-quality pieces that can be passed on from generation to generation. DoDo jewelry falls into the second category.

The Origins Of DoDo jewelry

In 1967 Pino Rabolini joined the family goldsmith business. He was keen to place his own mark on the industry and create something distinctive. As a result he founded the Pomellato Jewelry company. Its aim was simple, to revolutionize the way people wore jewelry.

The company created stunning pieces that were marketed as everyday jewelry. Pino Rabolini promoted the idea that jewelry could be interchanged according to whim, dress, or even the occasion.

His ideas have carried to this day.

Pomellato jewelry became one of the top 5 European Jewelry sales companies, prompting the introduction of DoDo jewelry in 1994.

DoDo jewelry pieces continue the tradition of high-end jewelry created with precious metals and stones. However, it emphasizes appeal to a unisex audience and is credited as being the first luxury brand to crate and sell composable jewelry.

The innovation behind the designs came from the extinct Dodo and the locals in Mauritius.

Their tradition of stringing shells together inspired the designers at Pomellato to create colorful, fun, unique, and even quirky pieces. The target audience was young people with their desire to express themselves.

The concept worked and DoDo jewelry has become a global name, it’s focus on leaving room for the imagination. The company also evaluates its environmental impact and maintains a responsible approach to harvesting precious stones and metals.

In short, it creates stunning, unique pieces of jewelry, which appeal to everyone.

The DoDo jewelry Range

The beauty of the DoDo jewelry range is that there is something for everyone.

Each piece is individually designed according to the pieces and styles that each customer wants to impose. That includes dolphins, flowers, birds, and many other items inspired by nature.

For many the first item of jewelry they own is a DoDo. Of course, with an extensive range of necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, and rings, personal collections grow rapidly.

The DoDo jewelry range is intended to portray emotions, transcending language barriers. That, and the quality of each piece, is what makes the range so desirable.

Where To Buy

DoDo jewelry is sold at many outlets across the globe but to really appreciate the charm and quality of this jewelry it is essential to visit Italy, the home of DoDo jewelry, and Dodomania.

The DoDo range is sold by Blondi Gioielli via store or online at blondijewels.com. The Blondi Gioielli family started selling jewelry in 1897 and has continued ever since. The business is now looked after by sixth and seventh generation family members.

Over 100 years of experience and knowledge are combined to give the very best service to every customer.

They offer an array of quality pieces and have a fully equipped laboratory for the creation of unique and stunning pieces.

Blondi Gioielli is considered a leader in the market and the place to visit hen looking to purchase high-end jewelry, including the DoDo jewelry range.