During her life, a woman looks at her engagement ring about a million times. The high reflection and observation made of this jewel must make us think carefully about the purchase we are about to make. In addition to representing the symbol of a change, of course, that you want to impress on a sentimental relationship, the record, the solitary or the chosen trilogy will be the companion of the mineral life that will accompany your beloved one forever.

She will show it to family members. To friends. To work colleagues. Even for passers-by and people waiting for the hairdresser. The type of stone and frame will say a lot about the person who gave it. There are those who even come to judge the intensity of a feeling from the number of carats of a ring. But the jewel that says "Forever" to the loved one is an expression of an intimate and personal feeling: for this reason there are no minimum spending thresholds or dimensions to be respected. Symbols and good taste, yes, however: here are 5 models of engagement ring on we bet  they'll make them say "yes".

The record

An engagement ring is the universal symbol of commitment and true love and must be forever. For this reason, the first rule is, undoubtedly, to choose quality. Blondi.it focuses on this element from the selection of the collections to offer to its customers. An example is the Anniversary Recarlo line, a company that has always been dedicated to creating rings that embody perfection in simple lines, with products suitable for every budget. If you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd and offer a precious wedding ring, the Recarlo girodito ring in white gold and diamonds is the precious one for you. With its 18ct white gold frame and its diamonds, this model of the Anniversary line will be noticed.

(Price: € 1,879 VAT included)

See the Recarlo Girodito ring in white gold and diamonds

The solitary

For the more traditionalists, the choice can only fall on the classic solitaire. The word diamond comes from the Greek adamas (αδαμας) which means indomitable, invincible. In nature there is no harder and more resistant gem: this is why it is the symbol of something that lasts over time, an eternal promise, a way of believing that at least the feelings can last longer than our passage on earth.

Symbol of uniqueness, in its design this type of ring is the metaphor of a choice that can be directed towards a single recipient. The solitaire Recarlo of the Anniversary line has a stone valentin, set on a setting in 18 carat white gold with a 0.51 carat diamond.

(Price: 3.772 VAT included)

See the Solitary Anniversary Recarlo

The three stones

Although it is a jewel often preferred by those who celebrate the renewal of a promise, in recent times even a ring with three stones is often used to pose the fateful question.

In the Anniversary line Recarlo proposes an 18-karat white gold ring with three brilliant-cut stones. Don't be afraid to look excessive: the dazzling beauty of this jewel will leave you speechless.

(Price: € 1,630 VAT included)

See the Anniversary Recarlo ring with three stones

The five stones

One of the essential characteristics of an engagement ring is that it can not fail to have a stone. Whether white or colored, it is essential that there is at least one diamond, or even a sapphire, that distinguishes this precious from the other rings that may already be present on one hand. In addition to the solitaire and the three stones, for the more exuberant, Recarlo offers a precious example of five stones mounted on 18-carat white gold.

(Price: 3.121 euros VAT included)

See the 5 stones ring


l mix

If Lady Diana and Kate Middleton have made women dream the world over with a sapphire solitaire, Recarlo chooses the color of love to propose a ring dedicated to the most romantic people.

This is a copy of the anniversary line in which there is a solitaire ruby with stubby stem, mounted on 18-carat white gold, surrounded by 0.26 carats diamonds. The choice seems difficult in appearance, but it will be the emotion to tell you when - respected the fundamental parameters for the choice of the jewel - you will be in front of the right ring for your "her".

(Price: 995 euros VAT included)

See the Solitaire with Ruby