Method 1. Dishwashing liquids

Prepare a bowl and pour warm, but not hot water. If the jewels you are going to clean contain precious or fragile stones, as in the case of the Pomellato Tango ring with brown diamonds (Price: 11.500 euros including VAT), the heat could damage them. If you have the opportunity, use seltz water without sodium or sparkling water. In this case the carbonation process of these substances can help to loosen the dirt present in the jewels and the accumulated residues more easily.

Prepare the bowl with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap. Soak the jewels for 15 minutes: penetrating into all cracks, the solution will wipe away any residue of impurities, even from the most convoluted settings, such as those of the Chantecler ring in rose gold and diamonds (Price: € 2,450 VAT included).

Helping you with a soft bristle brush, rub each ring, taking care to penetrate every corner, eliminating any residue. Do not use accessories with hard bristles; otherwise you will damage the metal. Rinse each piece under warm running water. Finally, dry each piece with a soft cloth and let your jewelry breathe on the towel, so that any residual water will vanish.

Method 2. Ammonia

Being a chemical cleaning product, ammonia could damage your gold. This method should only be used for occasional thorough cleaning and should be avoided with jewelry containing platinum or pearls, such as the Schoeffel ring with Australia pearl and black diamonds (Price: € 4,450 VAT included).

The ammonia-based cleaning mixture must consist of a portion of a chemical compound and six portions of water. Mix gently to create a homogeneous mixture. Soak the rings and pendants in this solution for no more than a minute and remove them all together, at once, helping yourself with a small strainer. Rinse them properly under running water. Finally, dry them with a soft cloth and spread them on it to allow them to dry.

Method 3. Jewels with glued stones

When the stones of your jewelry are glued (for example, it often happens with earrings), these precious stones should never be immersed in water. Especially in the presence of hot water, the glue that holds gem and frame together can loosen and the stones fall off. Brushing increases the risk.

For jewelry with glued stones, just use a damp, soapy cloth and another cloth dampened only with water. The first will be used during cleaning. The second is used to rinse, gently dabbing the damp rag on the jewels. This way, any residual soap foam can be absorbed. After that, let the precious ones dry in the air and keeping them resting on a clean cloth.

Method 4. The toothpaste

Perfect to clean gold jewelry without scratching, the toothpaste can be used as cleaning paste: just add a tablespoon or two of water. This method is perfect for jewelry that requires quick cleaning or when traveling. For example, it is a perfect method for the ring Marco Gerbella Hearts Intrecciati, a simple jewel in rose gold, to always carry with you and therefore gets easily dirty (Price: 120 euros VAT included).

Help yourself with a soft-bristled toothbrush to pass the toothpaste and gently remove the dirt. You can pass this cleaning paste even by using only a cloth. Rinse with plenty of clean and lukewarm water.

Method 5. Boiling water

This method is not applicable to jewelry with glued stones or materials that can be damaged by heat. For a ring like Recarlo 5 Anniversary stones is fine (Price: 3.121 euros VAT included): "strong" stones like diamonds are resistant to high temperatures. Bring the water to a boil and put the jewels in a heat-resistant container (a Pyrex bowl will be fine).

The precious jewels must be arranged so that neither is superimposed on another: the water must come into contact with each part. Slowly pour the hot water and, when it has cooled down, remove the jewels. Using a soft brush, carefully and gently rub the rings and necklaces, and dry them with a soft cloth.

If these methods seem laborious or impractical, remember that your trusted jeweler will be happy to relieve you from the task and take care of your precious ones in the most careful way.