Today its possible to choose the best Italian silver rings, necklaces, bracelets, and all manner of other jewelry. Whether desirability lies in named items, such as Pandora, Mont Blanc, Pomellato, and Dodo, or newcomers trying to establish themselves, the right Italian silver rings for that special someone will be available.

Quality Considerations

Many people turn to gold for their wedding rings but this is actually a very soft metal.

It is extremely easy to mold and just as easy to damage. That’s why it’s worth considering Italian silver rings. It’s stronger than gold and the highest-quality jewelry is usually made with 92.5% silver and 7.5% of another metal.

This gives it the strength of a stronger metal and allows it to retain the shine and luster of silver, one of the most distinct metals in the world.

Before studying some of the stunning Italian silver rings that Blondi Gioielli has to offer, it’s important to be comfortable with the difference between the types of silver:

  • Sterling silver – generally referred to as 925 because it is 92.5% silver.
  • Silver-plated – metal rings that have had a top coat of silver added to them.
  • Silver look – a metal that simply looks like silver but has no silver in it.

The price goes down moving from stainless steel to silver look. But, considering Italian silver rings means an awareness of their simplicity, quality and that special occasion, when only the best will do.

Finding The Right Jewelry Sales

That’s easy! Locate a reputable and reliable jeweler, that has experience in Italian jewelry.

That’s where Blondi Gioielli steps in. Not only have they got some truly fantastic rings on offer, but they are also Italian. The firm is currently run by the sixth and seventh generation of the same family. It started in 1897 and has become a recognized leader in the industry.

In short, finding better quality genuine Italian silver rings for an affordable price will be a struggle.

Silver Instead Of Gold

At times silver has been worth more than gold but, in the modern world, it is definitely a cheaper metal. That does lead to people questioning it’s place when giving jewelry, specifically rings that mean so much.

However, silver doesn’t lose its shine, it doesn’t tarnish, and needs minimal care throughout its life. Mixing it with a little metal means it is strong enough but also remains malleable enough to be forged as a plain band or an impressive collection of diamonds.

It is even possible to have the inside of the ring engraved.

Whether the need is for a promise ring, one in burnished silver and glittering stones, or the impressive Sacramore Florence 3-in1, it’s difficult not to appreciate the charm of these rings.

There are fun rings to reflect individual personalities and serious rings to show commitment.

Best of all, these Italian silver rings simply look great and can be personalized. There is no better way to send that special someone a permanent message of love and friendship.


Don’t forget that while almost anyone can make a silver ring, only those that have been approved by the government can make genuine approved Italian silver rings. The mark is visible on the inside of the ring and reflects the quality of the craftsmanship.

Having this stamp on the ring, as Blondi Gioielli offer, guarantees the quality of any piece of jewelry in their range. Hold it once and it’s impossible not to conclude that Italian silver rings are the right choice.