What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be forgotten. Grown-ups are the best evidence for this because once they leave the school desks, bring into the world the knowledge acquired and the treasures gained through the discipline and study of those who met them as children and helped them transform from children with big dreams into adults ready to make those dreams come true. To thank the teacher who has been next to the children for a whole year you can choose to give the earrings Le Favole Bimba Dreaming, 925 silver with pink radio. (Price: 44 euros VAT included)

Eugene P. Bertin wrote: "Teaching is leaving a vestige of oneself in the development of another. And surely the student is a bank where you can deposit your most precious treasures". Among the treasures with which you try to leave a memory in the mind and in the heart of the teachers, you can give the Maxi Anchor Le Favole pendant in silver 925 with pink radio. The vestige that a teacher leaves in his students is sometimes stronger than an anchor at the bottom of the sea. (Price: 59 euros VAT included)

When the bell rings, all the students are happy to go on holiday, but the certainty of finding their teachers in September, fresh and rested behind the desk, doubles the joy of returning. While waiting for the bell to come back to play, you can give this symbol, cross, and delight of students and teachers. The Campanella Dodo Welcome has a clear meaning: "The sound is light, to welcome happiness". The same that (perhaps) will welcome the students back to school. (Price: 160 euros VAT included)

"You have to commit yourself more!" is a phrase that a teacher is constantly repeating during the year. But what lies behind these words is the desire to offer the best for their students, putting energy and heart into it. To thank you for the results achieved, you can choose to donate the DODO HEART IN ROSE GOLD, the right pendant to give to those who dedicate their time, their energy and their passion to children every day (Price: 133.00 VAT included )

After a year with their students, especially if they are a bit mischevious, a teacher really needs a lot, a lot of rest! Both their students are there waiting for the reopening of the school, ready and diligent in September behind the desks ... It seems a threat, but in reality, it is a wish! As a good omen for a future full of success, the Coccinella Dodo rose gold pendant can be a perfect choice. After all, the ladybird - like luck - is the best lady companion. And what better to wish for those who work for the training of our children? (Price: 130 euros VAT included)