For many people, their mother is a point of reference, a beam of light that illuminates the steps throughout life. To these mothers, we dedicate the ring Marco Gerbella made of light diamonds and white gold, a marriage between the most resistant stone in nature and the elegance of light and precious metal. By choosing this jewel you will synthesize in a single object the fundamental characteristics of many mothers, stubborn and refined, and for this reason indispensable. (Price: 950 Euros VAT included).

The quote of Honoré de Balzac is perfectly combined with this jewel: "A mother's happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories."

The fables are made of heroes, princesses, travels, monsters, but also omens, like those that are read in the stars. Since the first voice that teaches us to imagine is often that of the mother, we dedicate two jewels to her. The first is the ring Marco Gerbella rose gold crown of the Piccole Gioie line (Price: 315 Euros VAT included). The second is the ring Marco Gerbella stars in rose gold, present in the same line of jewels (Price: 265 Euros VAT included).

Combine these gifts with the words of Giovanni Ruffini: "The stories heard the first time in the arms of the mother will never be completely forgotten".

When we are young, the mother figure keeps us anchored in a safe harbor, before taking off into the storm of life. Once grown, however, when one sees the woman who gives life to grow old, the children are called in turn to be firm support in the most difficult part of a human being. Marco Gerbella dedicates to the anchor a bracelet with a pendant in white gold and black cord in the small jewel collection (Price: 140 euros VAT included).

For the note to be associated with this jewel, rely on the words of Sophocles, derived from "Fedra": "Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life".

Gives love without asking for anything in return. Sacrifices her own body, gives milk, and even her own blood. A mother knows that this - donating - is the watchword, from conception to the adult age of children, and sometimes even beyond. Giving one's heart to someone is always a risk, even when it comes to your children. This is why the heart ring of Marco Gerbella is the right gift to do, to tell the mother "your heart is safe with me".

For this gift, choose the words of Elsa Morante in "L'isola di Arturo": "No affection in life equals that of the mother".

A woman's body manages to give birth to another human being, but she also has another superpower: to have a heart capable of loving and forgiving her child in all circumstances. To this Marco Gerbella dedicates the bracelet in rose gold with flush hearts (Price: 175 euros VAT included) and the necklace with the same motif of hearts (Price: 380 euros VAT included).

For these two items, it is always Honoré de Balzac who comes to the rescue with these words: "The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness."