There are plenty of collections to choose from and jewelry designs that you will surely fall in love with. Through the years, the Recarlo line of jewelry never failed to stay consistent and true to their commitment to offering only the best looking and durable pieces that are meant to last a lifetime.

A genuine Italian brand, Recarlo Jewelry was founded in Italy’s Piedmont region back in 1967. The brand’s name was taken from its founder and creator, Carlo Re. The brand’s goal was to reflect beauty’s eternal essence. To this day, more than half a century later, Carlo Re’s dream is still made into reality. His sons, Giorgio and Paolo, successfully kept the Recarlo’s refined luxury appeal.

Refined Luxury at Its Best

Luxurious is what best describes Recarlo Jewelry. The designs found in their collections are worn by countless women from all over the world. Many continue to wait for their newer releases because Recarlo is a must-have for every collection. One can wear it with pride and fall in love with each jewelry piece’s beauty over and over again.

Whether you’re shopping for personal jewelry or you’re looking for a precious gift to give to a special someone, then jewelry from the Recarlo brand is certainly a top choice for many. You will not regret each purchase as every piece of jewelry has been made with excellent workmanship in mind. They are long-lasting and timeless—they will surely never go out of style.

If you’re popping the question to the woman of your dreams or simply looking for the best anniversary gift, you must certainly consider Recarlo Jewelry. They have pieces that can simply be described as beyond beautiful and brilliant. Fine jewelry made of gold or silver, lined with precious gems and stones including diamonds, Recarlo has certainly become the epitome of class and elegance.

Shop for Genuine Recarlo Jewelry

Because Recarlo Jewelry is very popular all across Italy and beyond, many stores and jewelry dealers carry the brand. In fact, some designers have attempted to replicate the beautiful pieces of the Recarlo collections. So to make sure that you’re getting genuine and authentic pieces, be sure to shop from reputable dealers such as Blondi Gioielli. With design after design available from the Recarlo brand, you can have a grand time shopping for yourself or for the special woman in your life at Blondi Gioielli.

Among the top favorites of shoppers are earrings, necklaces, and rings from the Recarlo Jewelry brand. Diamonds, emerald, sapphire, and many more precious gems and stones were used to highlight their white gold jewelry and more. While some are simple enough for daily use, many more are extravagant enough to be worn on special occasions.

Many would buy jewelry from the Recarlo brand to wear to their wedding or formal parties and occasions. Many others would wear simpler designs from the same brand along with their daily wear. No matter where you plan to wear your Recarlo Jewelry, you will surely shine with brilliance and extravagance. With jewelry pieces so charming and luxurious, your beauty will absolutely stand out even more.