Used often to pay tribute to women with blue eyes, the sapphire is one of the most striking gemstones used by jewelers for their creations. In the past, it was thought that those who possessed sapphires were good persons, magnanimous, faithful, and capable of leading. Even today this stone is a refinement that every woman would like to keep in the jewelry box and exhibit on special occasions.

Here is the story, the curiosities, and the jewels that Blondi has chosen to celebrate the sapphire.

What is sapphire?

Sapphire is a precious stone chemically composed of aluminum oxide and is the only substance of natural origin to have a hardness level of 9 in the Mohs Scale. The name, which can also be pronounced with the accent on the first syllable (ie zàffiro), has a double origin. Its Greek word, sappheiros, means "blue". But its origin is also traceable in the Hebrew language, where sappir means "the most beautiful thing".

Sapphire is a blue-light blue stone that identifies a variety of corundum. The color is given by inclusions of hematite and rutile. However, the colors of this stone vary from black to yellow. The largest sapphire deposits are in Australia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Madagascar, and India. In Italy, small crystals of this precious material are collected in the Calcite of Terminillo. The gem is mostly sold with an oval or round faceted cut. However, it can also be set after a heart or baguette cut.

Synthetic sapphires

Sapphire can also be produced synthetically: to distinguish them, a microscope examination of internal inclusions and spectrometric and spectro-photometric analyzes must be done. They were created by the French chemist Auguste Verneuil. In 1902 the scientist developed a process that led him to create synthetic crystals. This is an unsalable formation that, just like its natural counterpart, can only be scratched by boron nitride or diamond.

Curiosity on the sapphire

The sapphire is characterized by a strong symbology since the dawn of time. Since 1985 it has also become the mining emblem of Queensland, state of Australia. This stone is not only used to create wonderful jewels that with their deep blue color give an inborn elegance to the wearer.

Among their most frequent uses is that of watch glasses: the Locman watch is a sample that has an anti-scratch mineral glass dial, with sapphire treatment. The most opaque or poor quality crystals, together with the synthetic sapphires, are used as abrasives and for the construction of microprocessors.  Among the examples of this type of precious stone, it is worth mentioning the Star of India which, with its 563 carats, has won a place of honor at the Museum of Natural History in New York.

Sapphire in crystal therapy

Whoever wears a sapphire receives protection. It is therefore often used as a talisman by those who aim to preserve their purity, protect themselves from fraud and uncover betrayals. This precious stone is a symbol of wisdom, mental acuity, psychic activation, and spiritual research. In crystal therapy, it is also used to bring order and healing to the mind. It stimulates the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, allowing one to raise one's consciousness and descend deeper into understanding oneself.

The beauty of sapphire in a jewel

Recarlo dedicated a large space to the sapphire in his jewelry collections.

On you can find for example the elegant hoop earrings, with a solitaire sapphire from the Anniversary line, mounted on 18k white gold with 0.40 carat diamonds and 0.50 carat sapphire (price: 2.206 Euros including VAT).

To these pendants, you can combine the Recarlo Tattoo ring with diamonds and sapphire. The 18-karat white gold mounter surrounds a 0.55-carat pear cut stone, accompanied by 0.55-carat brilliant cut diamonds (price: 2.664 VAT included).

If you want the predominant color of the jewel to be blue, the Parentesi Recarlo ring is the right choice for you. Frame in 18K white gold with blue sapphire cabochon oval surrounded by 0.38 carat diamonds and blue sapphires for a total of 4 carats (price: 3.552 euros VAT included).

Combined with this specific ring is the Parentesi choker: white gold 18-karat frame, with oval cabochon blue sapphire surrounded by 0.38 carat diamonds and 4-karat blue sapphires (price: 3.219 euros including VAT).