How and when to wear them?

Let's start by saying that the jewels that are worn on the beach are part of all the accessories that revolve around the swimwear. So there is nothing mixed with colors, and above all, it is forbidden to exaggerate with bijoux to avoid unsightly white signs produced by the presence of stones.

Among the jewels of the summer, bracelets and anklets are in first place. As for the bracelets you can choose a wide band, large and rigid, or many small/ thin placed next to each other, like the bracelet Le Favole Cupido in silver with rose rhodium and silver pendant (Price: 99 euro VAT included ) or the Pomellato sand bracelet with black diamonds (Price: € 1,700 VAT included)

Then there are the anklets, which instead must be worn strictly alone, in single strands. The same goes for the rings: one should not exaggerate. Better to choose only one ring per hand, thin, because even the hands are tanned. Excellent choice of the Brisé ring in rose gold by Dodo (Price: 265 euros VAT included) or the ring Marco Gerbella infinite rose gold (Price: 200 euros VAT included). As for the other chosen bijoux, they must be matched by color and material. In addition, if you are used to wearing the watch, you can wear it on the beach, if it is very colorful, thin, and waterproof.

How to protect them?

Wearing jewelry at the beach or in the pool can be dangerous for the "health" of stones and metals. For example, platinum, even if more resistant than gold, can be affected by prolonged contact with salted water. Another weak point of the jewels in water are the welds: the salt can corrode them and, with the impact of the waves, it can break. Even more terrible is the impact of the sea on bijoux, made of less resistant metal.

Salt can also tarnish precious and semiprecious stones, as well as putting them in danger if proper care lacks. Better keep them safe or leave them at home. However, if you have forgotten to remove all the precious ones before diving, at the first opportunity rinse them under cold or lukewarm water, adding a drop or two of non-aggressive detergent. After soaking them for no longer than ten minutes, the jewels are then gently brushed with a very soft bristled toothbrush. Finally, polish them with a cloth and they will be like new ones.