Of course, this wasn’t always the norm. The idea of having ready-to-wear jewelry was first introduced by Pino Rabolini in 1967. His vision was to create affordable, but still high-end, jewelry that catered to the whim of the consumer.

He founded Pomellato jewelry on this principle. It led to the creation of DoDo jewelry, including DoDo earrings, a separate brand that he started in 1994.

The Core Concept Behind DoDo

His vision of high-end jewelry remained but DoDo earings and other pieces were his attempt to create a range that could appeal to a younger market.

The DoDo range incorporates precious metals and stones but uses lower karats, making them more affordable and easier to individualize.

The name was deliberately chosen, symbolic of the now-extinct bird. His theory was that the extinction of this bird emphasized what humankind could do to the environment around them. Naming is jewelry range after the bird reminds people of the importance of nature and that DoDo earring, as well as all the other pieces in the range, are made with sustainable technology.

Purchasing DoDo earrings

Sadly, Pino Rabolini died in 2018, but his vision lives on.

To fully appreciate what he created it’s essential to look at the collection through the eyes of another well-established master-of-jewelry. Blondi Gioielli is a jewelry sales company founded in 1897. It has survived the tests of time by evolving with the market. Today, it’s run by sixth and seventh generation family members, retaining its title as a family-run business.

The team offers an impressive range of DoDo jewelry, including DoDo earrings. What is noticeable amongst this range is the dedication to quality while retaining individuality.

One of the best examples is the DoDo small circle earring. It’s created in rose gold and designed to accommodate a pendant, letter, or number. The best part is that these can be interchanged at home, allowing one base earring to become a multitude of different pieces.

It’s possible to indulge in DoDomania and select an array of pendants that can be added to the base DoDo earrings.

In essence one base set is all that is required to create an entire range of personalized earrings!

The base earrings are available in yellow gold and rose gold. Personalization can be achieved by incorporating precious stones.

The array of choices is enviable, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, amethysts, and tsavorites are all available. Many of these are available in a selection of colors, including the rare brown diamond.

There is also an extensive array of glittering 9kt rose gold or white gold offerings, including stars, moons, or even cherry blossoms.

The Seal Of Quality

Italian craftsmanship is a term that remains revered around the globe.

It is a symbol of the highest quality work. No business can use the term ‘Italian craftsmanship’ without the authority of the Italian government.

That’s a testimony to the quality of the DoDo jewelry range as they carry this symbol. That is perhaps the real reason that DoDo earrings and jewelry has become so popular.

There is literally something available for every taste and budget?
Their unisex appeal is incredibly relevant in the modern marketplace. This is embellished by the ability of DoDo earrings to fulfill the simplest of needs as well as the most elaborate.

There are few more practical and unique solutions to creating an earring collection that purchasing something from the DoDo earring range.