Pomellato rings are part of the Pomellato collection which originated in 1967. The company was actually created by Pino Rabolini who was keen to do something different but within the same lines as his goldsmith predecessors. The result was an array of colorful pieces that emphasized the role of jewelry as an accessory, not just a status symbol.

The range started more than 50 years ago and has become a household name. When searching for a ring that shares individual personality while looking fantastic, a Pomellato ring is the only solution.

There are a number of advantages to choosing a Pomellato ring.

The Array Of Choice

Every ring is unique as the stone is deliberately not created in a perfect shape. This adds to the charm of the ring and the individuality of the range. There is also an array of ranges, each one has its own distinctive collection of rings.

The certainty is that there will be at least one ring for each person to fall in love with and potentially a lot more than one.

Stone Colors

It doesn’t matter what color is desired. Deep blue’s, sapphires, topaz, onyx, brown diamond, coral, they are all there to satisfy the needs of the modern woman. The colors used on each ring are truly magnificent. But, they are also natural, both in color and shape.

That’s what makes these rings so unique and so endearing. They are rings that can be worn by generation after generation and remain relevant.

It’s also worth noting that the use of authentic material reduces the risk of scratches and breakages, making the Pomellato ring a more practical purchase than cheaper alternatives.

Quality Craftsmanship

It’s not possible to include the words ‘Italian craftsmanship’ on any item unless it has been approved by the Italian government. This is because it’s a distinct honor to be awarded this title and one that is only awarded to those who produce the finest quality items.

Pomellato rings are defined as Italian craftsmanship, emphasizing the quality with which they are made and the desirability they create.

These are not run-of-the-mill rings, as reflected in the price tag. But, in itself this furthers the emphasis on quality over quantity. There is no doubt that the Pomellato ring range is unique, every ring created continues the trend and the vision of the company’s founder, Pino Rabolini.


Pomellato rings are generally made with gold bands although it is possible to find them with a different precious metal. The key here is that precious metals are always used with the finest quality natural precious gems.

The combination creates a ring that will last for many years, effectively creating a family heirloom as well as a piece that demands to be worn regularly.

These are not rings that should be worn occasionally, the intention was to create a range that could be worn every day, changeable according to need and whim. In this the Pomellato rings are as relevant today as they have always been.

The Name

There is not a woman in the world that doesn’t know what a Pomellato ring is. It’s more than just an exquisite piece of jewelry, it’s a fashion statement, status symbol, and a beautiful accessory.

The innovation and vision that creates these rings make them highly desirable and immensely practical purchase. As with most things of high value, the purchase of a Pomellato ring should be seen as an investment as well as a reflection of personality.