Because gold is rose

Pure gold has a color between red and yellow. Depending on the alloys with other materials, gold is colored. For example, white gold is obtained from the mix with silver and copper in different proportions. Or, as in the case of blue and violet gold, the original material is bonded to other metals, which infect the original raw material, but give life to materials that can be used for gems or inlays. In addition, surface treatments such as those based on oxide can also give an alternative color.

The history of rose gold

Rose gold was already known in the Middle Ages, where it was considered by the alchemists to be a waste since it was a result of the chemical reactions of gold. It became popular in Russia at the beginning of the 19th century: for this reason, it was initially known as Russian gold. The jeweler Carl Fabergé, who created it to use it in his famous imperial eggs, spread the alloy.

The trend of rose gold: the jewels

More than a decade has passed since the explosion of fashion in Russia to the spread of this metal to the present day. The trend has been going on since 2006. First it was considered a league that was too simple and not very precious. This is the reason why the houses specialized in jewelry have started using this metal to support creations that put the value in the stones, as for example Pomellato. For its Capri line, Pomellato has created a ring with coral and tsavorites. The rose gold frame supports the stones that - together - represent the mix of luxuriant nature and intense volcanoes that animate the Mediterranean landscape, also visible in Capri (Price: 6,900 euros including VAT).

The Pomellato sand necklace with black diamonds uses rose gold to create the jewel and a burnished rose gold pavé that also has 0.20-carat black diamonds. A jewel to devote to lovers of shining beaches but not trivial, who love to discover the black sand as much as the golden one (Price: 2,700 euros VAT included).

Chantecler is a Maison born just among the lush colors of the nature of Capri. Love for colors and nature has been transformed into jewels with an exotic and refined taste. Here the Chatecler ring with rose gold frame and black enamel with silver interior give the wearer the elegance of an almost nude and yet elegant jewel, suitable for evening outfits, as well as a daytime look (Price: 780 euros).

Thanks to its rosy nuances, rose gold gives a feeling of warmth and youth. Perhaps for this reason the brand Marco Gerbella has dedicated a series of rings in this love league. The ring Marco Gerbella rose gold hearts is made with a series of symbols of different sizes that close a band designed just for those who want to declare their love without the commitment to give an important stone (Price: 340 euro VAT included).

If you want to warm up the heart of the beloved with a rose gold pendant, the necklace designed by Marco Gerbella is the right choice. In the Piccole Gioie collection, this jewel is designed to embellish the beloved's chest with a simple and elegant design (Price: 395 euros VAT included).