This young jeweler, Pietro Capuano proceeded to open a jewelry boutique in Capri.

His friend Salvatore Aprea assisted him and the first Chantecler store arrived, aided by the funds from Capuano’s noble family. Its symbol was a small bell, symbolizing the one given to Roosevelt as a sign of peace.

The Chantecler jewelry name was derived from the rooster in a 1910 play by Edmond Rostand. The Rooster was the lead character in a play that had actors disguised as animals in a chicken coup. It reflected Capuano’s character perfectly.

Today the Chantecler jewelry brand is known throughout the world. It is part of Italian history and revered today. The company is now run by the children of Salvatore Aprea with the original values being upheld every day.

It’s recognized as a brand that brings incredible quality products to the market that are both unique and contemporary. At the same time, the pieces in the Chantecler jewelry range manage to maintain their link to the past.

The aim has always been to create colorful, unique, and stylish items of jewelry and they continue to do this successfully each day.

Much of the range is inspired by the stunning island of Capri, the birthplace of the business. This is reflected in the use of colors and natural patterns, creating stunning jewelry for any occasion.

The Chantecler jewelry Range

There are many remarkable pieces in the Chantecler jewelry range. Examples include the stunning micro Campanella ring. It’s completed in white gold and has white diamonds with a central rooster of red coral.

Of course, the bell was the inspiration behind the business and remains a key element of many designs. Earrings, rings, pendants, and even bracelets are available in the shape of a bell. There are a number of different options ranging from simple gold bells to silver, precious stones, and even animal-shaped versions.

The range uses precious stones and targets the higher-end of the price market. This is justifiable by the history of the brand and the quality of the workmanship. Although the Chantecler jewelry range is designed to be worn with any outfit and at any time of day, each piece is so unique that it can serve a multitude of functions by itself.

In essence this is the perfect blend of practicality and art. That’s why so many of the pieces appear as works of art. The inspiration over the years has always been based on nature and contemporary art. This is reflected in the style and feel of Chantecler jewelry.

Purchasing Chantecler jewelry

When looking to purchase Chantecler jewelry it is imperative to ensure access to a reputable supplier. This means utilizing the services of another Italian business that has been well established for more than 50 years. Blondi Gioielli was first founded in 1897 and has remained a family business, currently run by the sixth and seventh generation.

They are dedicated to providing high-quality jewelry and the very best customer service. As an established firm, they have experience with these types of jewels and are capable of keeping even the most discerning of customers happy.

In short, they are the business to visit to satisfy your needs for Pomallto jewelry, DoDo jewelry, Chantecler jewelry, and other premium brands.

It is worth noting that perhaps some of the best examples are those that incorporate images on the jewelry, such as the picturesque town on the Masterpiece ring.