Absolute Nude

Nudo Absolute focuses on the luminous personality of the stones, which is given an unprecedented and decisive interpretation, with an oversized cut. The result is an unusual jewel, which embodies the audacity of those women who are not afraid to dare. Among the pieces that make up the collection, particular charm exerts the Nudo Assoluto ring with Lemon Quartz, a jewel mounted on rose gold with a white gold setting, with the addition of this extraordinary faceted stone (price € 3,700 including VAT).


Nude Petit

The Nudo Petit collection presents the Nudo Assoluto in a reduced size. Here too, the minimal design of the frame is associated with a free stone, but with a more compact size, available in six colors. Among the most seductive ones is the Pomellato Nudo Petit ring with faceted Blue London Topaz, a stone dedicated to those who are looking for the meaning of life.


Nude Solitaire

In his book "Sotto i tre carati non è vero amore", Paola Jacobbi writes: "More than any other jewel, rings tell us who we are, not only because they signal to the world if we are married, engaged or single. they are bits of our family curriculum, they are bits of us ". This is why Pomellato has applied the concept of Nudo to even the most precious stones, witnesses of many fundamental steps in the life of a woman. From this idea Nudo Solitaire is born, a line that crosses its fireplace with that of high jewelery, involving in its jewels also diamonds and precious stones, in unique and original combinations.

Nude Pendant

In the Nudo Pendant line, Pomellato's mission was to capture the light and the character of the most exuberant stones existing in nature. The wide range of colors lends itself to creating collectible items, ready to capture the light and return it to the wearer. For example the pendant with Pomellato Nudo chain with London blue topaz is the ideal jewel for those who want to find their purpose in life. Among the powers attributed to this stone there is what pushes us to become more aware of our thoughts, feelings,and actions. The bare stone used by Pomellato, also available in other colors, is accompanied by an almost invisible support in rose gold (Price: € 1,950 including VAT).


Nude Classic

Marta Marzotto, a lover of jewelry, as much as to name her autobiography "Smeraldi breakfast", said: "God is unjust, so many rings and only 10 fingers". To harmoniously accompany each chosen stone and ensure that even more stones can coexist on a single finger, Pomellato has put different sizes of stone in the Nudo line.

One of these is the Nudo Classic, an elegantly designed ring with a bare stone available in different colors. In its Nudo Classic variant with Quarzo Madeira, the stone recalls the colors of the famous wine (Price: 1,400 VAT included).

In ancient times this mineral was used as a protection against poisons and psychic disorders. This quartz, also called citrine, increases the healing energy of the physical body and opens the conscious mane to the intuition.


Nude Maxi

Nudo Maxi offers jewelry made of the most important stones for women who do not fear to flaunt their power through the gems they choose to dress. Also here the faceted Quartz Madeira is mounted on rose gold with a white gold setting (Price: € 1,400 VAT included).


Nude with Diamond

Finally, the perfect mix. The Nudo with Diamond collection is the most precious of the line by Pomellato, in which the naked soul of the stone is enhanced by a frame wrapped in white diamonds that, despite their solemnity, give the precious gem a very glamorous touch.

Pomellato Nudo earrings with Topaz and Diamonds are the expression of this idea of jewelry. The white gold with rose gold setting helps the faceted blue topaz and the 0.55-carat diamonds shine like never before. "I have never hated a man to such an extent as to give him back the jewels I received as a gift", said Zsa Zsa Gabor and with the Pomellato Nudo collection, you should marry the philosophy of the famous actress.