The International Women's Day was born both to remember the social and political achievements of women, and to return to focus on violence and discrimination that even today the female universe is still suffering. For this reason, on March 8th we can think of celebrating the femininity of the beloved women, be they wives, friends or mothers, giving them a gift that says, without words, "you are important" or "I am proud of you".

Women deserve to be rewarded, perhaps a pendant, a bracelet or a ring, which becomes the symbol of their feminine pride. In fact, very often it is women themselves who forget their girl power, that all-female power that can change the world with kindness.

From the first Woman's Day, celebrated in 1908, so much water has passed under the bridge, but its anniversary - which has several dates all over the world - still has the same meaning: to reaffirm the importance of women in the world. Although mimosas are beautiful and fragrant, do not leave this message to a dying flower. Emphasize how much your women count with a jewel, even small, but precious. Like all of them.


The message "You are important to me" or "I admire the woman you are" you can write it on a note to put next to the Le Favole bracelet which, surrounded by red stones, has a letter in the middle. The woman, with her biological and cultural creativity, is always a harbinger of vital messages: a love, a birth. What better symbol to celebrate her femininity? (Price: 59 euros VAT included)


Living next to the right woman can be a fairy tale. Like the ones that told you about the first woman in your life, mother. For many "Mary Poppins" remains one of the most fascinating stories ever heard and watched on TV. Thanks to the magic recreated by Walt Disney on the big screen, we learned to dream of fox hunts in paintings and flying nannies.The latter is depicted on the Le Favole Mary Poppins earrings. A jaunty object that will trigger tenderness even in the heart of the hardest woman. (Price: 24 euros VAT included)


The Dodo is the most famous extinct animal in the world, also because of the brand that took its name.For the Women's Day you can choose to give a ring to your beloved, an object that - without precious stones meaning too "cumbersome" - reiterate the importance of that circle of trust that has only two members: you and her. In addition, with the 100% Amore Ring, with hearts in nine-carat rose gold and silver, you will declare them without a doubt that you have chosen it and are proud of it for the wonderful companion that it is.And that your love, unlike the dodo, does not risk extinguishing at all.(Price: 273 euros VAT included)


The line of Dodo pendants offers many ideas for those who want to celebrate the anniversary by making a gift.For those who have chosen to devote all their love to a pet, the brand dedicates to the cat - for some, the real king of the house - a pendant in 9-carat rose gold and dark brown enamel that represents the beloved feline (Price: 190 euros VAT included). For some, the Women's Day may be the right occasion to pamper yourself a little. So why not combine a relaxing day in a spa, where you can be loved by expert hands, a heart-shaped Dodo pendant? Rose gold and rubies will only be a way of telling the world: "Yes, I love myself!".

Writing instruments

In their lives women play so many roles. They are mothers, wives, daughters, lovers, but also tireless workers. To their strength, Montblanc dedicates the Notepad # 146 Ladies Edition, a notebook to pin commitments, meetings, ideas or simply confidences. All in a design that appeals both the aesthetics and the comfort necessary for good writing. The pleasure of this intimate and revolutionary act is at the center of the whole Montblanc ethics. Gift and treat yourself to this notebook is a way to enhance and remember that yes, beyond the legs there is more, much more. (Price: 70 euros VAT included)