Italian wedding rings

The first wedding rings were worn in Ancient Egypt. They were not made from a precious metal, they were created using braided hemp, leather, bone or ivory. If the material used was the most expensive, this was given to mean that more love was being shown. Today's couples know better than this. They know that the meaning behind Italian wedding rings is what is important. However, the feelings behind the giving of the ring, such as eternal love and commitment, were the same then as they are now.

The first metal wedding rings were used in Ancient Rome, when a man gave an iron ring to the woman he was marrying. Today's Italian wedding rings tend to be made from more precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. However, a tradition that began in Ancient Rome remains today; the engraving of rings. You can have the date of your wedding engraved onto the inside of your ring, or choose a special message instead.

In most countries around the world, the tradition was for the woman to wear a wedding ring, not the man. This has now changed, and you can find exquisite Italian wedding rings for men and women. The collection of Italian wedding rings at Blondi Gioielli has something for everyone. You can find rings that follow more traditional styles and rings that have a more modern vibe. When you are choosing an Italian wedding ring, do so as a couple. It's important for you both to be happy about the choices that you make. The ring that you place on the finger of your husband or wife, on your wedding day, is destined to remain in place for life, so it's important that you choose the perfect ring to epitomise your eternal love for each other.


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